Rosantica Gioielli Milano


Michela Panero starts her artistic adventure in New York, where she lives for 11 years, in the late 80’s. There she has the opportunity to explore and meet different artistic directions.

It’s only in the late 90’s that Michela decides to return to Italy and her love for fashion begins then.
After 10 years of collaborating with different fashion Maisons in Milan, in 2009 Michela gives life to her first jewellery line: Rosantica.

The artistic research of Rosantica mixes classic styles of Greek and Roman jewellery traditions, with modern shapes and trends, giving a new and stunning interpretation of timeless pieces.

From the first collection, Rosantica has captured the interest of the best shops in the world, where the collections are now available.

The magic of hands

Each Rosantica jewel is entirely hand made. Special care and attention is given to every detail, from the colour of chains to the accurate selection of gemstones and the unique handmade packaging.

Rosantica’s workshop in Milan, has the same atmosphere of ancient goldsmiths shops; where the artisans work next to the designer, who supervises every step of craftsmanship.

Modern and ancient techniques are bonded together; precious cuts of stones coming from all over the world, sophisticated and intricate techniques, create unique sculptures, which will never be identical to one another, therefore are unique and timeless.


Colorful fabrics, from precious silks to vintage prints, are carefully selected to make the packaging unique and totally hand made.

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