The Look:

Real lucky charm, the jewelleries, packed with feelings can be declined in different colours of gold, thread and stone.

The Story:

The concept of a diamond on a string sees the light during Laetitia Cohen-Skalli’s Master Project, which sees her awarded her Master’s degree with honours and congratulations of the jury.
Laetitia mixes noble materials such as gold and diamonds with the lightness of string for the first time. Inspired by the red string of Jerusalem, of high interest to many international celebrities, Laetitia allies the purity of precious stones and the symbolic value of string, considered to be a lucky charm by many world cultures since the dawn of time. The RedLine¹s diamonds come from diamond mines. Redline assures you the legal provenance of their stones. Indeed, Kimberley (KPCS), the certification system of rough diamond established by the United Nation Security Council Resolution, certifies the prevention of conflicts caused by illegal sales of diamonds. Redline’s philosophy is that the certification and the ethics are essential and indisputable, their diamonds refer to the 4C¹s, as the jewellery world but RedLine considers its own norms in order to be even more meticulous on its stones choice.

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