Paul & Joe

The Look:

Her signature style is young, fun, vibrant, colorful, reviving a black & white wardrobe, revisiting the spirit of vintage. The success was immediate. The launch complete. Paul & Joe continues to expand by cultivating freshness, joie de vivre, spontaneity and a cosmopolitan spirit.

The Paul & Joe woman loves what is beautiful, and knows what suits her. Parisian chic, that almost nonchalant elegance, always with a twist. Their credo: sign their style.

The Story:

Sophie Albou, is a Paris-born designer best known as the founder of the Paul & Joe (a brand named after both her sons).
She has taste, she travels, is curious and she loves to have fun. She has style and she’s full of charisma. Paul & Joe is above all a state of mind: fashion, yet not a victim, friendly, spontaneously elegant, happy. The Paul & Joe key word is to fulfil desires.

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