Emilio Pucci

The look:

The Italian marquis, Emilio Pucci, whose elegant sportswear has become a status symbol. The simplicity, colour, style and movement of Emilio Pucci’s clothing contributed an unsurpassed sophistication in casual dress. His designs feature sensual, free-flowing lines which follow the natural curves of the body – effortlessly elegant clothing which takes women from day to evening..

The Story:

A major influence in contemporary fashion, Emilio Pucci’s legacy continues to be an influential force behind the birth of the “made in Italy” style and a milestone in Italy’s luxury sportswear concept.

Known as the “Prince of Prints”, Emilio Pucci designed slacks, shirts and dresses in vivid and startling colour combinations. His wild geometrics and multi-collared flowing designs replaced the staid, tame prints that had been more typical. Emilio Pucci drew the hundreds of print designs for each collection himself, and he signed all of his creations with “Emilio”, from clothing to carpets, from the Apollo 15 space mission logo to a Ford Lincoln Continental.

It was Emilio Pucci’s combination of elegance and excitement that resulted in his tremendous success. His designs were worn by countless celebrities, such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly.

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