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maria c


The Look:


Maximum impact with minimalist fashion - Maria Calderara's collections are timeless, light and assertive all at once. Graphic & Architectural the Maria Calderara Look overlays light weighted pieces of clothing with precious jewels resulting in a fluid, sinuous, unpredictable and utterly un-obvious pieces oozing a deceptively casual allure.


The Story:


Maria Calderara a mysterious and talented Venetian Architect, has created a unique name around jewelry and fashion.
Maria Calderara's designer creates pieces of clothing and accessories that exude a slightly harsh, understated preciousness stemming from the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern esthetic, opulence and starkness. Her starting point is natural fabrics at their most brutal pureness – cotton, wool, silk – which gain a completely new meaning via asymmetrical cuts, artful wrinkling, torsions and dyeing; Maria Calderara’s clothing collections are timeless, light and assertive all at once; her cleverly precious jewels, mounted on raw-edged ribbons or embroidered on coarse pieces of wool, read like unpredictable accumulations of stones chosen for their organic irregularity as opposed to perfection, even when super-precious like the black Tahiti pearls.” 
Source: Fashion Model

Each piece from her collection is considered as "one secret expressed through another one".