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The Look:

For Dior, Time is precious. The Dior woman is elegant, strong and sweet, she is daring, impertinent, chic, and charismatic with fluent movements, she is the definition of femininity. Timeless, audacious and creative Dior timepieces are the perfect marriage between French Couture, Parisian Elegance and Swiss watch making Savoir Faire.


The Story:


Monsieur Dior’s words still resonate today in Les Ateliers Horlogers Dior in Switzerland and are at the origin of Dior VIII’s structured silhouette. Graphic and madly elegant, Dior VIII recalls the iconic “Bar” jacket.
The collections are created with bold mixes of materials, where the couture’s creative ideas are reinterpreted in the watch. Hand Made and unique, they are the perfect accessory to finalize your silhouette.

“I dreamt of being an architect; as a couturier, I have to respect the principles of architecture.” Christian Dior